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Gurkha Khukuri (Kukri) Knife is pioneers in providing best Gurkha knives in Nepal. Our khukuries (kukris)  are among the finest made in the world today. GKKI’ artisans enjoy the reputation of being among the best khukuri knife -makers in the world today.Each of our kukris is handcrafted and is therefore unique.

Founded over two decades ago, belongs to Bishwokarma family (Metal Smith) we have sold our khukuries  locally from generation. We hold the reputation of best manufacturer and supplier of  Gurkha knives locally and internationally.  Our factory is located in eastern part of Nepal.  We are  carrying on khukuri knife  making tradition passing the techniques down from generation to generation.  Using natural materials also available in the ancient age, we brings them to light in today’s modern times in a new and highly artistic way.


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